Omicron? OMG

Eric Garner Johnson
2 min readDec 18, 2021
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I am starting to feel like we will never be done with this particular chapter in mankind’s history. Every day, we are getting more bad news, about this variant or that variant. Soon, I fully expect to tune in to the news and discover a variant that is bringing the dead back to life, or which is sterilizing everyone who gets infected. I swear, it is getting to be too much. I am considering just not paying any attention to the news at all, and taking my chances with daily existence.

I have already had Covid, and I got vaccinated, even though it would not have been my first choice as to how I should spend my birthday, and now I even got the booster. I should be friggin covid-proof. And yet, the vaccinated can get it too, and pass it on, as well. Damn. Tell me again why I got stuck? At my work place, they are no longer even enforing the whole mask thing, even though officially, it is required. I think everyone is just covid-tired.

We are weary. Two years of this crap has worn us all down, just worn us to a nub. I don’t know how people in the medical field even go to work anymore. I think we are all waiting for the other shoe to drop. How about this, people? Let’s just go about our business and try to live?

Really, there isn’t anything we can do, either way. Vaccine, no vaccine, social distancing, all that crap, and we still get sick. I wonder how much impact there would be if we just forewent all the precautions entirely and kived our lives? I mena, how many more people would be lose before herd immunity kicked in?

Who’s with me? Party at my house… You bring the booze, I got the pizzas!

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